Python Concurrency and Multithreading

Learn all about concurrency (and parallelism) with this INTERACTIVE course. From multithreading to multiprocessing using real life examples and hands-on exercises.

Python Concurrency and Multithreading


  • 13 Lectures
  • 12 Videos
  • 12 Jupyter Notebooks
  • 1 Programming Exercises
No need to install anything, full Python environment in your browser.
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About this Course

This is the concurrency course that will separate beginners from professionals. We cover it all! Concurrency vs Parallelism, multithreading vs multiprocessing, thread synchronization, race conditions, deadlocks, the Python GIL, and much more!

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Live coding environment

Forget about “how to install” chapters. This course includes a browser-based coding environment, so you can start practicing right away!

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Learn by doing. This course includes emeded, ready to use, Jupyter Notebooks.

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Practice what you learn with quizzes and code challenges.

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Course overview

Course overview

Python Concurrency
Course Introduction
Computer Architecture and OS
An introduction to Threads
Python Threads
Thread Data and Synchronization
Multithreading Quiz
Synchronization Exercise
Deadlock Exercise
Queues and the Producer/Consumer model
The Python GIL
The concurrent.futures module

Your instructor

Santiago Basulto

Data Scientist @ INE

I'm an experienced Python programmer and Data Scientist. I started with development and data management more than 15 years ago. Outside of work I enjoy playing with my dogs, cooking and playing the piano.

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